Friday, August 04, 2006

Eating Creampie Story

During the course of our conversation Jay managed to brush his hand over my breasts several times. When I didn't object he got a little bolder and out and out cupped my right breast, squeezing gently. I just looked at him, then at fran, and started eating creampie. I think fran about came in his pants then! Jay told me what nice breasts and thighs I have, and it was really a turn-on to hear that coming from a man I'd just met, with my husband sitting two feet away!
Fran had told me that if I felt comfortable with Jay and wanted to, I could invite him back to our house to get eating creampie. I know that fran would want us to all get in naked, but he knew that if I did that I'd be wearing a swim suit, like I always do if there's anyone other than fran and I in there. I thought about it, thinking it might be fun to get in the hot tub with these two guys, with both of them naked. I even thought that, even though I couldn't join the fun, I could let fran and Jay have a little fun in the hot tub if they wanted to. By this time I knew that Jay is bi and likes to play one- on-one with eating creampie, too. But I decided I just wasn't ready to take that step yet. So I never made the suggestion that Jay come home to hot tub with us, and fran never mentioned it, either.
When the band started playing Jay asked if I would dance with him. I looked at fran who, of course, nodded his approval, and I let Jay take my hand and lead me to the dance floor. I felt eating creampie like every eye in the club was on me, and they all knew why we were there. In reality I knew there might be a few who knew what was going on with the three of us, but probably not. Jay pulled me very close, and I could feel his bulge against me, right about at my pantyline. I was very tempted to reach down to see if he was hard. If he wasn't, he has a very nice package!
All in all it was a nice evening. Jay and I danced several times, and fran and I danced a few times. We met at a country and western club, not a gay bar, so fran and Jay couldn't dance together. Fran wasn't dressed as fran, by the way, but as his male self, totally straight. During my slow dances with Jay he managed to very discreetly fondle my breasts and squeeze a few times, and I let him eating creampie. Once, while sitting at the table, I let him slide his hand up my thigh, and when he stopped short of what I knew was his goal, I spread my legs just a bit and slid down in my chair. He took the hint and moved his hand all the way up to the crotch of my pantihose, gave me a few quick rubs, then stopped. I'm still not sure if I was relieved or disappointed with eating creampie.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Eating Creampie

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